Teaching Evaluations

Student Campus Evaluations

Medical Terminology at Saddleback College

  • "I really enjoyed this class. It was very demanding for a class where the only requirement is memorizing words. However, I have never taken a class where the professor put so much effort in to the structure and organization for a class. This class is meant to prepare people for a career in the medical field. In order to be successful, one has to be committed and disciplined. I feel this class is a great introduction into developing other necessary skills to be successful in the medical field. This class was not simply memorization. I respect the effort that Professor Do put into this class. You won't find another teacher who cares enough to put that much effort into an introductory level class in terms of online lectures and discussion boards. Yes, there are a lot of rules to follow and particular ways to do things. However, if you can't follow simple instructions that are clearly detailed, don't take this class. I felt that this class not only taught me medical terminology, but Professor Do helped develop some outstanding study habits that will transfer into my professional career."
  • "I love that the professor is extremely organized and provides great resourcesite. Although the class itself is not easy it really helps to have a good professor."
  • "I graduated UCI in 2012 and I have to say that this course was one of the most strenuous and challenging courses I've taken. Additionally, it has been one of the most informative and rewarding."
  • "I just wanted to thank you for a great course in Medical Terminology. I feel I am super prepared now for my anatomy course this summer (8 weeks of accelerated info! Yikes!). I am so thankful that I took Medical Terminology first before any other health classes or field work as it has given me the confidence to understand what's going on around me. Perfect example. I had my first OT observation session at Loma Linda this past week. One of the clients was talking about how she had had a laminectomy. Bingo! I knew exactly what that was right off the bat thanks to your class. It's very empowering."
  • "I really enjoyed your class. Very well organized and explained. I appreciated your availability for an in class and out of class questions or concerns."
  • "I found this class very beneficial to my future career as a PA. I now have a thorough understanding of medical terminology and can read medical terms without feeling intimidated. The examples in class were very helpful in remembering the material."
  • "The class was taught well. Exams were fair. Awesome "prep" for Anatomy and Physiology. Thank you."
  • "Thank you so much for a fun and challenging class."
  • "Your class is fun and engaging. I have enjoy my class with you. Keep up the good work =)."
  • "Class was run well. I thought you explained a lot of concepts well & gave examples that made things easier to understand. Thanks! :) "
  • "Great class / Thanks I learned a lot!"
  • "Thank you for a wonderful semester. Ive learned so much and I can tell that med term has even helped me at my medical job."

BIO 1, 1 Honors, & 1L - The Life Sciences (Lecture & Laboratory) at Irvine Valley College

  • "The lectures were very well done, they really had our attention and were fun. The analogies to learn some of the biological topics were very helpful as well. " -BIO 1 Honors
  • "I graduated from a 4-year university and did not expect to find your class to be taught in a very similar fashion. It was like being back at the 4-year, but in a 2-year college! You are a very good teacher, and I actually learned something from your class! Thank you!"
  • "He was really friendly and did his best to make sure that we all pass the class."
  • "He also made the class enjoyable"
  • "Professor Do was great at presenting the material in a fresh way. He really tried to make the subjects as relatable as possible. He was great for answering questions and clearing confusion."
  • "Professor Do gives excellent lectures and explains things very well. The videos shown were very helpful in visualizing the concepts that were taught. The online worksheets and quizzes were helpful in reviewing and making sure that you were doing things correctly."
  • "very energetic, appeared very interested in his job"
  • "The class was not too difficult, and it really taught a lot about the concepts we learned. It went with the lecture nicely. The assignments, exams, and grading were all fair."
  • "All the assignments were fun and engaging."
  • "LOVE THIS TEACHER! he is very fun and enthusiastic! he is one of the few professors that actually cares about his students! you will have a very fun and interesting semester if you take this teacher!"
  • "Professor Do is such an admirable bio professor!!! His lectures are very structured and to the point. doesn't ramble."
  • "thank you so much for the help and knowledge you gave us during the class i am truly grateful because moving forward i now know what i need to do to get the grades i need... i have a better understanding of the environment i live in and the surroundings. thank you very much it wasnt easy to get back to school... but today am a happy... because i passed the class inspite of the challenges and i owe it to a great teacher. all the best to you and i wish i get another class with you as the professor."
  • "You are an amazing professor... Your speech at the beginning of the finally was also very inspirational and now i actually believe in myself to get the grades i would want to get..."

Faculty Campus Evaluations

Saddleback College

In his first teaching assignment in the Division, Mr. Do demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter and a highly interactive and engaging teaching style. [He] is to be commended for his interactive teaching style that is highly engaging--in a subject in which engaging students can be challenging. He is also to be commended for taking the initiative to integrate Blackboard into the course.

Mr. Do is clearly knowledgeable regarding the primary subject matter (Medical Terminology) and is also well versed in the clinical applications of terms addressed in class. This knowledge adds greatly to the course. Syllabus contains clear descriptions of the course and course expectations--all of which are quite clear. He handles--and encourages-- questions, and does so easily and correctly without apparent need to refer to notes.

His interactive lecture style continuously involved the students who were clearly engaged. This is particularly important in a course such as Medical Terminology which can easily be 'dis'-engaging. The class was extremely interactive and the instructor 'challenged' the student to think and relate seemingly esoteric terms to realistic applications. He took the initiative to utilize Blackboard--which has not traditionally been the case for this course.

His Socratic style, his challenges to the students, and his use of student 'teams' foster critical thinking--particularly about relationships between the medical terminology being studied to realistic applications of these terms. Tolerance of differing student perspectives was well demonstrated during the observational period through his acceptance of differing viewpoints and his willingness to consider their application to the topic under discussion.

Irvine Valley College

"Mr. Do has an excellent command of the course concepts and is able to effectively incorporate examples to reinforce those concepts. Mr. Do's syllabus is very comprehensive and interpretable. It provides students with an excellent overview of the course contents, exam format and grading system, and student conduct. He is exceptional in his level of preparedness for his course. Clearly he puts considerable time outside the classroom to prepare for the lab. Mr. Do effectively utilizes both traditional and innovative methods and instructional technologies. He encourages students to ask questions during class and meets with students on a one-on-one basis to discuss their performance in the course. Mr. Do works equally well and in a personable, outgoing manner with all of his students.

Mr. Do is an exceptional instructional asset to the program and the institution. His level of commitment to his course and his students is noteworthy. IVC is fortunate to have him on our instructional staff."

"Tu arrived early to setup and make some preliminary drawings on the whiteboard. He played music to relax the environment as students entered the lab. And started lecturing promptly. His lectures used a combination of powerpoint slides and the white board to present material to students. He was enthusiastic about the material and clearly new the subject. He kept the students engaged, often asking them questions throughout his introduction."

California State University-Fullerton

"Biology 273L is the laboratory section that supports the Genetics and Molecular Biology course. It is taught in a dedicated laboratory classroom, DBH 104. There are 24 students in the class who are organized in six groups of four students each. The students who arrived early interacted with the other students in their group. The students were quiet and attentive when class began.

The topic for this class session was transcription and translation. The instructor did a very good job of reviewing these concepts; he asked the students questions and waited for their answers, and he answered the students’ questions. The students were then engaged in an in class quiz, which included some sophisticated concepts and ideas. This could have been a trivial exercise, but the quiz questions required the students to have a thorough understanding of these cellular processes. This was a well-designed quiz.

The next activity for this class session was student presentations of the results of their last experiments. The students did a good job of presenting their results. Unfortunately many of the experiments yielded negative results, but that is the reality of doing experiments.

  • The instructor greeted the students in a warm and amiable fashion as they came into class. He has a very good rapport with the students.
  • During his presentation, the instructor paused to ask the students questions.
  • The instructor did a very good job in reviewing the processes of transcription and translation.
  • The quiz the students took was challenging and required the students have a comprehensive understanding of these processes-transcription and translation.
  • Praised the students after they completed their presentation.

BIO 180L - Cellular & Molecular Biology Laboratory

  • "was very clear in explaining concepts. Excellent job explaining + helping us understand the objective of each lab. you are a very good teacher and learning from you is very easy."
  • "Tu, I think you will make an incredible teacher because you explain things so well and it is clear how passionate you are about teaching and allowing students to learn! Thank you!!"
  • "Strong Knowledge of the material and willingness to help."
  • "So far, you are really helpful in explaining the materials in this lab."
  • "You know your material."
  • "Have solid foundation on the material of the course. Enthusiasm in helping students."
  • "I think you know your material pretty well. You're very approachable and you do a great job at making concepts clear w/ analogies."
  • "he did a really good job of explaining the material."
  • "Professor Do is very helpful during experiments. He is willing to help students - going around asking if any lab groups need help. He also does a good job explaining concepts in this subject. what is great is that he personally explains them to students, focusing on each student one-by-one."
  • "You are very good at explaining concepts and making us answer questions by ourselves, as frustrating as it may be at times. You know how to make others learn instead of just giving away the answer (BUT you don't force it past the point of frustration. you know when to give the answer. Good Balance!)"
  • "Very attentive, cares about students, knows his material!"
  • "Took time to explain unclear concepts, displayed genuine care for students & subject. Had a solid grasp on the subject."
  • "I felt really comfortable when I needed help and called you over."
  • "I felt that Professor Do was very helpful and clear when explaining things that I was confused on."
  • "Very responsive & always tries to answer questions best of his ability. If he doesn't know he finds out rather than making something up. Super knowledgeable."
  • "Very professional w/ lab coat & safety glasses."